After depositing the two students we are housing this weekend for an IS Math Tournament hosted by AIS (they are from Dubai and are totally not prepared for the weather), and our son who is camping with his Scout troop (he is totally prepared for the weather) at the school this morning, the vote was for an indoor activity, but after I promised not to grouse too loudly about being cold Tony and Anna Grace agreed to my suggestion to visit the Easter Market at Schönbrunn Palace.
Coming up from the U4 at the palace we were greeted with chilly temperatures and blue skies. And very large eggs.
The Ostermarkt at Schönbrunn was a culturally delicious journey through Central and Eastern Europe. Easter Bread, Lebküchen, Wild Schwein and Deer Salami, and fresh Pecorino cheese cozied up in my shopping tote.
Around the corner, an unexpected market stall, Curry me home. Guess what they sold? Mango curry! Arabian curry! Serrano curry!  All I need now is a fresh lamb shoulder from the Naschmarkt, and dinner is done.

“Vegi” Apfel Strudel?  We had to think this was for American tourists.
As was this wall hanging.
Eventually we found the Easter eggs and crafts.  Wonderfully aromatic beeswax eggs. 
Wooden eggs with no aroma at all.
Exquisitely painted, and rather artfully arranged, duck and goose eggs.
I would never put all of my eggs in one basket. 
Pastel eggs, for reclining.
Crystal eggs, definitely not for reclining.
Crates and crates of Austrian eggs from which to choose.
Eggs from the Czech Republic.
And eggs from Romania, all of which decorate our home tonight.

 Along with our wooden painted Polish eggs, and alabaster eggs from Volterra, Rome, and Pisa.

Should your Easter nests be full, the market offered lots and lots of whimsy to help you get your Spring on.

We wrapped up our afternoon with a walk past the brilliant Hofburg dome en route to the Imperial Treasury for a look-see at all the sparkly (photos permitted without flash, but the galleries are so dimly lit there is really no point in taking photos)…
…followed by a few small bites at Trezsniewski’s, one of our favorite places to pause for little breads and spreads. Today it was huhnerleber (chicken liver), paprika mit kren (red peppers and horseradish), speck mit ei (bacon and egg), and gurken mit ei (pickles and eggs). Each bread is but €1,10 and make for a quick and tasty snack.  Mmm.

Soon the afternoon began to wane, so we made our way past Stephansdom and to the U-Bahn, homeward bound. Another Saturday successfully mastered.