Pretty much this is how we felt after talking with Jack and his college counselor today.
Ever since their births we have had college pre-determined for both of our children: they would simply attend our alma mater.  Easy peasy. 
One day Teenage Son said, “I think I’d like to take a gap year.” We considered his statement and decided that we could wait a year before buying spiritwear. He has excellent grades, excellent prospects; what’s the harm in a year off to wander the world? 
And on another day, Teenage Son said, “I think I’d like to apply to ABC and XYZ universities, as well.”  We considered his statement and decided that it was time to take Jack back to Ann Arbor for repatriation a campus visit. 
Then we moved to Europe, to a brand new world chockablock with opportunities for smart, international students. Damn us.
Today we sat with the Counselor for an hour long roller coaster ride. Standardized test scores were reviewed and discussed. Possible career options were discussed. Jack’s list of college options was discussed. A list of possible UK colleges was discussed. A gap year was discussed. The NCAA tournament was discussed. 
The good news is that it seems we are apparently doing our parenting job well, providing Jack with the tools to succeed. The bad news, if it can be framed that way, is that he now has too many choices.  Of course we will support whatever rational path he chooses, but I just really, really, really want to own this sweater.
I hope Anna Grace is taking notes on all of this.