We hope you were not expecting lengthy prose from The Teenager. (Anna Grace heads to Zurich next week for her honors festival, and her guest post will no doubt more than make up for the lack of words from Jack.) 
Arrival into Dubai from the airport. (He’s right, Dubai looks just like Chicago. Without the palm trees.)
View from the hotel at night.
The students toured Dubai via a water taxi.
Yes, that is Jack asleep at the stern.
Flashback to Summer 2010 and the Boy Scout Sea Base adventure in the Bahamas. The sleeping Scout with the blue cover on his head is also Jack.  Seems he enjoys water lullabies.
A market in Dubai city.
Student representatives from AIS Vienna.
Land Rover convoys shuttled the students around, including out to the desert for dune touring, camel riding, and a traditional dinner.
 “When you scratch a camel’s ear, they make a funny noise.”
Dinner in the desert.
This is a real Whirling Dervish. According to Jack, these performers train their entire life to become a Dervish.
Tour of the Burj Khalifa.
The American School Dubai.
The talented High School Mixed Choir and Honors Band students from international schools across Europe and Asia.  (Jack is on the far left.)