The three of us took to sunny and warm Rathausplatz yesterday for the sights, sounds, and savories of the best of Steiermark (Styria), one of Austria’s nine states. Styria is to the southwest of Vienna, and its capital is Graz.  
Jack could not join us because he was working. Let me rephrase that. Our Teenage Son spent 8 hours outside on a sunny, 18°C Saturday, officiating as an umpire for the American International Baseball Club’s Little League games at Praterstern. To say he loves the sport is an understatement; 80,000 baseball cards came with us from the US via sea shipment (seriously, he has that many), and he wakes up early (on school mornings!) to watch west coast baseball games streaming over here from our Slingbox. He received €10 for each of the three games, and all the free food he wanted from the concession. 
We and just a few other people attended the festival.
Performances everywhere kept the crowds cheery.

 As did the opportunities to sample Styrian food and wine.

 Trachten (the national costume) was on high display, too. Some, traditional…


 …and some, a little more J Crew and whimsical.

 Danke schön, Steiermark, für die ganz gute Zeit!