Two friends and I took “the girls” (Becky the Beagle, Lily Lorraine the Retriever, and Clayton Theodore) on a two hour hike this morning up to Kahlenberg and back around. The vineyards are buzzing with tractors and other activity, but there’s just no grapes yet!

Vienna has finally embraced Spring, in full Imperial style, and the day was just too nice to be either “changing out the clothing” (Becky the Beagle’s Mom) or “changing out the bed linens” (Lily Lorraine’s Mom) afterwards, so I set off alone to see what I could see.

First stop was to enjoy lunch with an extremely handsome nuclear engineer at Schwedenplatz. Street food from Crazy Noodles and blood orange ice cream from the EisSalon.  And lots of people watching.

“Kiss Kiss, see you later,” and I was off. The old-school 49 Tram was empty.

I alit at one of our favorite grocers to restock the pantry. With minor exceptions, we are able to find pretty much everything we “need” here in Vienna. Casa Mexico supplies us with authentic Mexican and Tex-Mex products (as did my mother-in-law with the three year supply of chili powder from the US Southwest); the Commissary comes through with Dr. Pepper and Pepperidge Farm goldfish crackers for the children (only one flavor, though, so maybe this is a hardship post); and our 24 boxes of Girl Scout cookies just arrived last week. What else do we need from the US?

A nearby “upcycling” shop offering a whimsical breakfast set. I took a pass. My favorite upcycling shop offers pre fall-of-the-Berlin Wall porcelain and ceramics and other goodies for much less. Plus, I had little room in my trolley.

French home accessories? There’s always room in my trolley for a couple of pieces.

The Alte Backerei. There is discussion about which came first, the French croissant or the Viennese kipferl. There is also discussion about the home of the humble bagel (“beugel” in the second photo). A Jewish baker is said to have given one to Jan Sobieski (a Pole) after he repelled the Turks during their attempted second siege of Vienna. I do wish this matter would get sorted out, for I’ve yet to find a decent bagel in this city.

Wandered past a lonely church, a lonely person, and a lonely apple blossom tree at Ulrichsplatz.



I spied next Die Burgermacher.  My guys struggle with burgers in Vienna. To be honest, we all do. The Viennese aren’t quite sure how to make a burger, but they try hard.

The menu is compelling, and warrants further investigation.

As were the aromas wafting through the open door of this Indian restaurant with its beautiful sign. We love curry, perhaps second only to Mexican food and American burgers!

Around a few corners, “The Smallest House in Vienna.”



A stroll through the Volksgarten en route to the D Tram home. Parliament is in the background. I missed the English tour by two minutes, and was not allowed to join. Some other time.


While waiting for the D Tram, I overheard an English-speaking tourist refer to it as the “Volkswagen Garden” and I laughed aloud.

‘Twas a wonderful day, certainly a much more pleasant use of time than “changing out” clothes and linens.