The warmup for our 10 kilometer afternoon hike was a morning trek into the vineyards with Clayton Theodore. Of course. 
First sighting of blooms!
With the Teenager working at the baseball fields and the Tween zip-lining through the trees at a birthday party, Tony and I packed a small picnic lunch, donned our hiking shoes, and conquered the 10.5 kilometer Stadtwanderweg 3. Clayton Theodore opted to conquer the sofa.
(Photo courtesy of the party host)
The approximate 500km of trails around and across Vienna means there is always someplace to go!  There are 13 city trails (Stadtwanderweg), as I’ve talked about previously, and one of my goals while here is to walk, hike, or bike every one of them. So far I have concentrated on the ones nearest our house as I usually have Cletus with me. Stadtwanderweg 1, 1a, 9, and now, 3,  have been conquered. Total kilometers traversed: 46. 
(Photo courtesy of the Vienna city government website)
There is also the “Rundumadum,” a 120km trail around Vienna divided into 24 segments.  Many of the paths overlap with the Stadtwanderweg so it’s like getting twice the credit! My tally thus far is Route 1 and Route 3. 
(Photo courtesy of the Vienna city government website)
It is virtually impossible to get lost in the Vienna Woods. 
The view from 464m above Vienna. 
In the denser part of the woods we could hear, “Cuckoo, Cuckoo!
But we did not see the Cuckoo bird. This is a photo from the Internet. 
A well-crafted fort tucked deep in the trees.
Atop the highest point of this stretch of the Vienna Woods a forest inn with several buildings was constructed after WWII for the many hikers and skiers who took holidays in the woods. With motorization, though, and the ability to travel further, the inn fell out of service.  The only remaining structure of the forest hameau (hamlet) now made a perfect lunch stop.

One more view on the way back down.

46 kilometers down, 450-ish to go.