Clayton Theodore and I spy this little village when we climb the vineyards and peer across to the north. Kahlenbergerdorf and its viticulture have been around for over 2500 years, the area first being settled by the Celts. But the village stakes no claim to Kahlenberg, if that makes any sense. Now the village is part of the very northern fringes of Vienna’s 19th district and the ridges of the Vienna Woods.

One of the handful of streets comprising the village, quintessential old world. Our vantage point is in the background.

An unexpected artifact tucked beneath the train bridge.

The Waldbach wending toward the Donau.

The Kahlenbergerdorf Freidhof was said to contain many beautiful Biedermeier graves, but I only saw a couple.  No matter, for the view was worth the uphill climb. I had considered driving to the top, but after having to wedge the car through a lane this narrow, one clearcoat away from being stuck in between the walls, I thought better of the idea, promptly found a parking space and hiked to the top.




There are so many of these little villages all around. I hope I never tire of wandering through them.