So far May wins my vote for the best month to be in Vienna. Food, sunshine, and more food.
Warm Sunday afternoon at a Buschenschank atop Nußdorf. Excellent wine, excellent view. Not technically a festival, but let’s not argue semantics.



On May Day we took our bicycles on the train to Tulln and cycled the entire 33km ride home along the Danube, stopping at a local festival for lunch. My salad of fried chicken with pumpkin seed crust paired well with the slightly cool breeze from the river.

We cycled past hazy castle ruins and the Pied Piper of Korneuburg.


The helpful and friendly clean-up crew at the AIS International Food Festival last weekend. Next to the American Thanksgiving dinner, my favorite dish was the mushroom pierogi from the Polish table. Of course.

Fiaker parade near the AmHof Bierfest. We love the horses. (And the bratwurst and beer.)


Did not sample the Gusto-Chili, although it did have an enticing aroma.

Cheers! Three opportunities to enjoy great food and drink, and May has only begun!