A welcoming front door.
Clayton Theodore resting in anticipation of the reception and the possibility of food being dropped into his reach. To his credit, he only attempted to snatch one cupcake.
My merry mismatched collection of Tilowice porcelain (Poland, 1956, the cobalt blue plates); Boleslawiec pottery (Poland, the white flowered plates); genuine “USZone” porcelain from 1955 Germany (the boring white plates); stoneware from Czechoslovakia (green), a country that does not exist anymore; and ironstone from 1940’s England (blue) and France (red) for the buffet table. The younger guests had IKEA plates, circa 2013.

 The venue. Seating for 36 comfortably.

 Moments before a perfect Concerto No. 2, 3rd Movement (F. Seitz) by our favorite violinist.

The weather cooperated wonderfully, which meant all the young violinists could be outside with their sodas and juices; the potluck was aromatic and delicious; the wine flowed and the guests mingled. In other words, an almost flawless first large event in our wine cellar and home.  The “almost” was because of the family who decided that the seats marked “Reserved” were for them, and moved not only the signs, but my camera, as well, leaving me to wedge in somewhere else, and Tony and Jack to find seating in the back.  Cie la vie.