Yes, another exciting outing for the Trailing Spouse. I finally got around to exchanging the winter tires for summer tires on the MomMobile. Austria does not believe in all season radials, which makes sense if we were driving in the Alps during the winter, but maybe not so much here in Vienna.

Having this exchange done at the Volvo dealer required an appointment, blah, blah, blah. Pretty much doing anything in Vienna requires an appointment. Good grief, I even needed an appointment to simply pick up the PIN code for my online Bank Austria account (because I recycled the original PIN before I opened the document. Do not judge me.)

One of my friends directed me to her tire guy, whose appointment scheduling process went something like this:

Me: “Hello, Otto. My friend Eliza gave me your contact. I would like to schedule an appointment to have the tires changed, please.”

Otto: “Okay. Call me when you are at the corner near my shop. I come in 5 minutes.”

It felt like something from a spy thriller. I pulled up to the slightly shabby corner near Otto’s garage and gave him a ring.  A few minutes later a guy carrying a backpack and walking his dog came up and opened the passenger door. The dog jumped in.

Otto said, “Hello,” shooed the dog into the back, and directed me to drive further into the industrial park maze, to a “garage” that seemed to be constructed from converted train box cars.

I received just a little, “tsk, tsk” for not having done this in April, as well as an offer to send me a reminder in October to shuffle the tires once again.

Standing beneath a car in Otto’s service bay. Because I’ve never done that.  In the US I had Chris at my Volvo dealer. Chris would take my car late in the afternoon, have the service folks work their magic, and then return the car to me the next afternoon, repaired, washed, and vacuumed. Perhaps I was spoiled.

Thirty minutes later Otto had my car ready for all the summer road trips I’ve yet to plan. Oh, the simple bliss of a “walk-in” appointment!