AISVienna hosted this year’s international schools varsity baseball tournament, and the past three days could not have gone better. Except for the weather. Windy, cold, and with occasional sprinkles, making it seem more like The Boys of Early Spring.

A brief moment when this parent fan from ASParis was not shouting. Her voice never tired over the three days of the tournament. Amazing.

The tournament got off to a rough start for ASIsreal and Hillingdon London.  And, unfortunately for both teams, it never really improved. The Knights fared decently, with their eyes on a trophy next year.
Most of the team spent their down time watching their opponent’s games. Or sleeping.
Foul balls were always a threat to the trams. In the last game the tram was hit, and the tram driver asked to keep the baseball!
Now for a few gratuitous shots of my favorite player as 1st Baseman, Relief Pitcher, and at bat.

Eighty-four hungry teenage boys Varsity Baseball players descended upon the fields at Prater, from Vienna, Paris, Brussels, London, Frankfurt and Tel Aviv. We housed three extremely polite players from Hillingdon School in London. Their hometowns were the exotic locations of NYC, Chicago, and Ann Arbor (by way of Ghana, Australia, and Korea). Two kilograms of meat were consumed each of the first two nights by the players, including Jack; and two 24-inch pizzas and two dozen barbecued chicken wings disappeared on the last night. Along with three boxes of cereal, 4 litres of milk, and a dozen bananas. And four containers of Pringles chips, 2 litres of Pepsi, three bags of Doritos…

To end the sports (housing) season, the final housing gifts of the year: a ceramic Union Jack travel mug, a box of fancy truffles, and a super cute tin of shortbread.

Go Knights!  Looking forward to next year!