Obligation-free Saturdays were a rarity for us in the US, and we often “wasted” them by running errands, tending the yard, and so forth. As I now play HausFrau and can accomplish the errands during the week, and tending the yard takes a mere 30 minutes (20 of which is spent borrowing and then returning a friend’s lawnmower), Saturdays here in Europe, especially ones with gorgeous blue skies and warm temperatures, implore us to explore.

With Anna Grace off on a weekend-long Girl Guide campout at Schloss Laxenburg (yes, “roughing it” in a palace) and Jack under self-imposed house arrest preparing for end-of-year finals,  I planned a “Three Meals, Three Countries” Saturday road trip for the two of us: breakfast at home in Austria; lunch in Hungary; and dinner in Slovakia, with intermittent sightseeing.  Travel planning is an important HausFrau responsibility, after all.
Our travel route, to help you follow along.
Our first destination was the small seaside village of Rust (pronounced “Roost.” Appropriate somehow.) near Neusiedl See in Burgenland, one that could be the setting for any classic fairy tale. Houses with fanciful decorations, picturesque windows and passageways…






…and storks!  Storks migrate to Burgenland in the early spring, and raise their hatchlings throughout the summer before wintering in Africa. The thoughtful folks in Rust have erected over a dozen stork nests atop chimneys in and around their town square, inviting both the beautiful white birds and bird watchers to their village.



We strolled through the village for a little while, soaking up the sun and watching the birds.  The possibility to climb the church tower for a panorama existed, but only in the late afternoons. A minor disappointment, all things considered.
Then we were on the road to Hungary…