Sarajevo seemed deep enough into the Balkan Peninsula to drop “Central Europe” from the title, but over breakfast our host offered her version of geopolitics, saying that Bosnia-Herzegovina was considered Southeastern Europe, so I’ll keep all the titles just in case.

Sarajevo is as elegant as Vienna and as exotic as we expect Istanbul to be. Enjoy the photos!

Baščaršija, the Old City market. The better part of our first day was spent winding down tiny lanes and into treasure-packed stores.

Old world craftsmanship and post-war entreprenuership.
Too many Lokum choices for us! We stuck with a favorite flavor, rose water.

And when we needed a break from the heat, beautiful places to enjoy a mint tea were all around.

Bey’s Mosque in the Old City Market

We were surprised to see a woman using the fountain in the mosque courtyard to rinse her fruits and vegetables.

Outside of the market, the elegance of Vienna is sprinkled along the streets…

…literally.  The trams are hand-me-downs to Sarajevo from Vienna! Nearly twenty years post war, the beautiful city of Sarajevo continues to rebuild.

In the Central Market, a marker at the site where the worst single atrocity of the war occurred.

St. Mark’s Cathedral, not spared from war damage, but careful restoration is underway.