Back in DC Tony and I rarely met for lunch; we worked in offices in different states not easily connected by public transportation, or by car.  I think we met for lunch twice in 20 years, maybe.  Here, though, we meet regularly, weather permitting, for street noodles and people watching at Schwedenplatz (Swedish Plaza), a main transport hub along the Donau, so named by Austria in 1919 in gratitude for the help of the Swedish people after WWI.

This week, however, we spiced up our street noodles and people watching (pun intended) at the Thai Festival on the Prater grounds.  The Thai Embassy is hosting a weeklong event celebrating 60 years of friendly Thai-Austrian relations, and who can resist Thai food?


Thai Airlines was attracting visitors with its beautifully decorated pavilion full of glossy travel brochures. Hmm, Anna Grace did ask to where we might travel next summer…

I was not the only one taking photos.

Exotic impressions of Thailand filled the small Prater park, from carved fruits and vegetables, to market stalls and grocery stands.









The Thai Embassy tempted festival goers with its cuisine, the main purpose of our visit. Lunch was a shared spicy papaya salad, made to order and oh-so-spicy(!), an equally spicy plate of larb gai, a ground chicken salad, and a couple of cold Singhas. Mmm. Mmm.



No lotus and red bean drink for us, though. We’re not fans.

Snacks to go, brown sugar glazed dried fish. An acquired, and addicting, taste.

People watching was top-rate, as well. The festival runs through Sunday, so there’s still time to enjoy authentic spicy food in Vienna. After Sunday, we’ll save a spot on the bench at Schwedenplatz for you.