…well, an afternoon in the gardens of Mexico, India, and Provence. Earlier this week, while en route to the home and garden center to replace all the flowers on the porch that my boys neglected to water while I was away, the exit for Blümengarten Hirschstetten caught my eye and I thought, “I need a field trip!”  So Anna Grace and I went exploring.

We were not the only visitors to the park.

The park has themed gardens. Viva Mexico!
Crazy tall plants straight out of a Dr. Seuss book.
Gazebos to gaze at.

A forlorn sculpture among the roses.

(Cell) Block 7. For plants that have gone bad?

The Provence Garden, with its heady aroma of olive trees and lavender. Anna Grace and I decided we could live in Provence.

Beneath the shady canopy in the Indian Garden.

To our disappointment the English Garden maze was closed, so Anna Grace made do with the Insektspielplatz for some fun.
No child smokers welcome in the playground area. 😉
I love these insect hotels!  I’ve seen mini versions (for balconies or small yards) as well as this jumbo size all around here.  The various materials invite solitary bees, ladybird beetles, and even butterflies. 

Many of the garden areas offered places to sit and relax, and even to have a small bite; and in December the gardens host a Christmas market. Indeed, Vienna lives well.