“Your pets are welcome as our guests!”   Well, that’s all the invitation we needed for a day trip!

The destination? Burgruine Aggstein, along the Wachau Valley near Melk. The castle ruins date back to the 12th century, and sitting 300 meters (and a 20% grade on the drive up) above the Donau, provided thrilling views and a morning’s worth of exploration for all of us.

Look! Tony!  We convinced him to play hooky from the office today and day trip with us.

Someone is having a good time.

The restaurant dining room in the inner courtyard reminded us a little of Hogwarts.

Seems 12th century folks were not so tall.

We stopped along the river at a roadside picnic area to enjoy the lunch we packed.

Peanut butter sandwich for Clayton Theodore; PB&J for Anna Grace; Italian tuna (in olive oil–accept no substitutes!) pasta salad for the two of us, and a pitcher of sun-brewed iced tea.

Dear America, “Do you see how happy your canine citizens could be if you were more welcoming?”

In unrelated news, Anna Grace taught Tony all about “Selfies” today.  Not a bad first attempt!