Summer Job for The Teenager. No, no, Jack is not a strolling Mozart near Stephansdom desperately trying to sell concert tickets to tourists. He has it much worse.  On Saturday morning the boys departed for Garmisch-Partenkirchen via Munich, where Jack is spending the next month as a Counselor at the Boy Scouts USA summer camp.

Dull and boring scenery along the Alpinestrasse. Yes, this is a through-the-windshield photo, with sprinkled insect innards for special effects.  Can you tell that my guys only snapped photos because I asked them to do so?

The München Rathaus (Munich Town Hall).  I guess they were preoccupied with deciding at which biergarten they would have dinner to take any more photos?
Garmisch-Partenkirchen, with a clouded-over view of Zugspitze in the background, the highest peak in Germany.

 Important Father-Son business: a beer and roasted pork knuckle lunch in Garmisch.

Poor, poor Jack, having to wake each day surrounded by this view from his Camp Counselor tent. He won’t miss a beat with his friends, either, as his tent is supplied with electricity and Internet. Did I mention he also gets to shop at the US Base Exchange in Garmisch, as well, so he will not have to endure a month without his daily dose of Dr. Pepper?  
But even Eagle Scout Camp Counselors have it rough.  His latest text: “Food is okay, nothing to write home about.”