Roadside Red. (Snacks from a farm stand are required for an outing)…
…Sunny Sonneblumen…
…WienerWald Grün…
…and, Vivid Violet? At the roundabout in Maissau, about 45 minutes from Vienna, large and playful amethyst crystals directed us to AmethystWelt (Amethyst World), the largest amethyst vein in the world.
The main draw to AmethsytWelt is the opportunity to mine your own crystals. We each grabbed our bucket, pick and shovel, and identified the “perfect” spot to dig for amethyst.
I found the first crystal!

Pix (wearing purple, as were quite a few other miners) found the second amethyst.

Guess who didn’t find any at all? Yes, the man whose parents owned a geotechnical drilling company for many years!
Anna Grace and I were pretty pleased with our finds, about four crystals each. That is, until we saw much younger children carrying handfuls of the shiny purple stone.  Clearly we are amateurs.

When you’ve tired of mining, there are two gardens to enjoy (as we did while eating our packed picnic) with no shortage of purple flowers.  Clayton Theodore was welcome in the gardens but not the mining area, so he spent the day at home.  Too bad, really. We could have used his digging-in-the-dirt skills.

Along our route home we passed one of several “self-pick” flower fields and decided to bring some of the WaldViertel colors home with us. The prices are posted on a sign, and you’re on the honor system to drop the coins into the locked box provided.

This woman picked. But she did not pay.

The colors of home.