Tony spent a week in Hanoi recently for work; I was smart enough to take a pass on 7 days of hot, sticky, and humid weather to join him and so traveled to Vietnam vicariously through his iPhone photos.

Traffic was indescribable. More like a moving swarm.  One of Tony’s Hanoi colleagues said, “When crossing a street, make sure you’re visible and predictable and the traffic will move around you.”

Texting while scootering.
Look closely at the photo. Do you see what we see?

I wonder if the chicken became part of Tony’s noodle dish?  Tony reported that the meals he enjoyed tasted as authentic as the Vietnamese food we enjoy in Eden Center (Little Asia) in our neighborhood in the U.S.  Nice to know we’ve been experiencing real food all this time!

Market Life in Hanoi. These photos made me a little jealous; I could have pretended to be Andrew Zimmern had I braved Vietnam in July.  Perhaps next time.

 Hanoi Fishmonger.

 Poultry, fresh or roasted.  Any guesses what might be hanging in the case on the right?

 Typical market butcher.