*AssHats. n. Those who break with conventional civilities because they believe themselves to be too self-important and thus exempt from the rules of civil society.

Today I may have reached bottom with my tolerance for atrocious Viennese parking. The episode was not (quite) as bad as this photo from the Internet, but I did have to enter my car from the passenger side in the grocery store parking lot before shimmy-ing out of the space (and had to fold my side-view mirror so as to avoid hitting said Eselhüte’s car). Thank goodness a car was not parked to my right–I might still be waiting for both shoppers to move their vehicles.

Thursday is a holiday here in Austria, so everyone is “On a Hurry” today to purchase whatever it is they think they will need to get them through until the stores open on Friday, and the extra 12 seconds it would take to straighten their vehicle ain’t gonna happen. To be honest, it would not happen on an ordinary day, either.
We experienced a similar phenomenon in DC with the threat of snow–people whose homes were filled to the brim with bulk purchases from Costco and Sam’s Club somehow needed more bath tissue, chips and salsa, and alcohol–and would jam highways and clog parking lots to make that happen, yet they always parked within the lines
Having reached bottom, there is nothing else but to rise, and I think I may have had a breakthrough! I scribbled this little note for the Eselhüte who nearly blocked me in and left it on their windscreen. I just might have a set of these notes printed on cardstock for future use.