Second year. Second day of school. Back to the routine. My two friends and I walked “the girls” (Lily Lorraine, Becky, and Cletus, the honorary girl) to Kahlenberg and back down this morning. Ah, we could all feel the summer indulgences shimmying off our waistlines.
On the way back down through the neighborhood, Lily Lorraine’s Mom thought it odd that her husband was still home, yet his vehicle was not parked in front of their house. Turns out his car had been stolen!  No broken glass left behind, obviously the work of a professional.
YES!  In our leafy and shaded, uppity, spray-tanned and pretentious 19th district, a high-end black car (A rarity! Not.) had been stolen. And, as we American-German speaking residents have come to expect, little help was offered by the local Polizei until we enlisted the assistance of a native German-speaking Viennese friend.  Notes were taken, a report was filed, but, my friend does not expect her vehicle to be returned, of course.
This, on top of news a few days’ prior that a close friend had been called home with two weeks’ notice, leaving us with a great big friendship void, just really shows that what is routine is, well, not so routine.
Fast-forward to dinner in our home this evening. The children asked for bibimbap, a favorite Korean rice bowl dish of beef and various stir-fried tofu and vegetables.  I happily obliged; cooking is one of my favorite sports, after all.
In short time the beef was marinated; the veggies julienned and the tofu fried. Unfortunately our recent warm and steamy weather had wilted the sushi rice in my panty, and after two failed attempts to make it right I caved and ordered dinner online from our local Asian delivery joint. Thirty minutes later, someone from the restaurant called to tell us that they were on “urlaub” (vacation). OF COURSE!
So, delivery pizza to the rescue. No “urlaub” for the pizza guy, to whom we gave a generous gratuity.

Routine? I would love one.