To break the boredom of a so-very-grey and rainy day (one child was at Dianabad with her soon-to-be-departing best friend; the other was on Vienna’s longest shopping street, Mariahilfestraße, shopping for school clothes with our credit card) Tony and I took in Sommerbilder, an exhibit at the Essl Museum, a contemporary art museum a few kilometers outside Vienna in Klosterneuburg.
The lemony entrance made short work of the grey doldrums that had surrounded us all morning.

The interior space leading to the salons and its contemporary flair impressed us.

It is well established that I do not understand most art be it contemporary or otherwise, and Tony understands even less, so together we are the pair of artgoers other visitors whisper about.
But this exhibit was more than just art appreciation! To fully understand “Summer,” the museum called upon several Viennese and local chefs to create light recipes inspired by selected works in the gallery.  Art with a culinary purpose!  I was intrigued from the moment we figured out how to enter the exhibit salon.

Take for example this piece, Lijin Garden, that inspired a barkeeper from Menege to gin up a drink of Prosecco with mint, elderberry flowers and strawberries. Alcohol and art, an excellent combination.

And on this exhibit went. I leave it to you to discuss what light recipe may have been inspired by this piece in this collection.

A second gallery contained works from the collection, The Visitor. With no recipes to guide us, Tony only offered up, “Generous use of the space.”
Nothing, not even the light sprinkles falling, could deter us from viewing the monastery at Klosterneuburg from the museum’s terrace.
At the finish of our our visit I discovered this print, Landkarte mit Huhn (Map with Chickens) from an earlier exhibit in the museum shop, and thus was my inspiration for dinner this evening. Has the aroma of the roasting chicken in my oven inspired you?