Schloss Schallaburg bills itself as “the most beautiful Renaissance castle north of the Alps.”  Not having much of a data collection on the subject, I do not know if this is true. No matter.  Blue Skies + A Friend = Field Trip! The castle is but an hour from Vienna, making it almost shameful not to visit.
No, I am not supporting the castle on my head. Yes, I know I need to smile more. Or, at all. My excuse for not smiling today is that my daughter someone co-opted my shampoo from the shower when they packed and departed for the three-day AIS Grade 7 class retreat yesterday, leaving me no choice but to then co-opt Tony’s shampoo this morning. Bad hair day. No more will be said.

 Castle high on a hill with all the toppings…

(The Castle Crypt.)
…including a spectacularly prepared exhibit on India of the Maharajas (no photos allowed!), our purpose for the field trip, along with the opportunity to play dress up in Indian silk garments. 

 To our delight, we paused to enjoy a snack from the special Maharajas menu in the castle courtyard cafe. (OK, not Indian, but the pommes frites just looked delicious.)

 Along with Sturm!  The first new wine of the season!

Back to school. Back to field trips. Mahlzeit, Austria!