Third week of school, and a routine is almost in sight. Some mornings Clayton Theodore and I are out the door early; he gets the first sniffs of the day while I admire dragons against a slightly chilly sky.

On other mornings we head up into the vineyards with friends. Blue and green grapes together. To become the Viennese specialty, Gemischter Satz, perhaps?

Although on this day I am running errands by myself, I am not alone. 

Monet’s garden steps at the Albertina offer a place to hide from peering eyes.

On with my day I go. The lovely French bistro in Palais Ferstel tempted me with the roast duck menu of the day; 
instead, though, I enjoyed a small basket of eierschwammerl from a market, sauteed and shared with crusty bread at home.

A stop to admire the Moors Apothecary and its healthful “Back-to-School” offerings. (The Mohren Apotheke is the third oldest in Vienna, having been around since 1350.)

Inside I find a tea blend to reduce the stress of school. From the kitchen each school morning now drifts the calming aroma of a lavender, hollanderblut and orange flowers tea–a perfect start to a stress-free day for my students.
On my way home, a pass through the Volksgarten with its tourists…
…completely unaware that the cherubs down the street in the Burggarten are signaling autumn.