A beautiful late summer Saturday. What would the day hold–grocery shopping and errands, or a field trip to the Renaissance castle Schloss Rosenburg for their falconry show? The question is rhetorical.
Dressage performances to open the show.
Falconry on horseback.
Falconry on the ground.
Clayton Theodore could do this. Hahahaha.
Other magnificent birds showed off for us, too. This Andean Condor and its 10-foot wingspan grazed us as it flew across the green to its handler.
The Great Horned Owl flew so close that we felt its talons on our heads!
So beautiful.
The American Bald Eagle made a majestic appearance.

The Eurasian Vulture was a crowd pleaser. Noisy, clumsy, and quite the show-off.

It’s a rap(tor)!