In my enthusiasm to share bird photos, I neglected the pretty Renaissance castle, Schloss Rosenburg!  About an hours’ drive northwest of Vienna in the state of Niederösterreich (capital: Sankt Pölten), it is not the “most beautiful” Renaissance castle north of the Alps (that honor apparently goes to Schloss Schallaburg); its claim is one of the “most visited” of Austria’s castles.

Rose gardens were an aromatic theme at the castle.
Our camera-shy daughter.

 Our little photo bomber.

Courtyards and shaded pathways are a requirement for a Renaissance castle.

A window fit for a fair maiden to appear at, no doubt.

The green outside the portico where the falconry display was presented, with a Tannenwald  (fir forest) as the backdrop.

Our camera-shy, photo-bombing daughter stands still long enough to pose for a photo…
…and to snap one of us.  

Castle touring. So much more enjoyable than running errands.