Prince Eugene of Savoy, the military commander who saved Austria from the French and stopped the Ottomans from a Viennese takeover, bought this little place near the Austrian-Slovakian border to use as a hunting lodge. Later, Empress Maria Theresa added it to her collection of Imperial Estates.
I am not complaining at all about having spent a pretty September day in the Marchfeld; I think perhaps I am just schloss-weary. All schloss are photogenic in their own way, yet they are also all so similar that few stand out. Schloss Hof had friendly sheep in the front yard. Charming, but not charming enough to make my list of memorable palaces.

The terrace and the sweeping views held most of my attention. I started to tour the state rooms of the palace proper, but was soon swamped by three busloads of senior tourists who regarded me as a doormat, so back outdoors I went.

The Leitha Mountain range in the background. This is the point where the Austrian Alps and the Carpathian Mountains meet at the Donau.  The buildings peeking from behind the trees are the Communist-era housing projects of Petrazalka, Slovakia.

 The Orangerie and the Manor Farm made for pleasant wanderings.

 One final view from the terrace before heading home.