This week our Bezirksblätter (district newspaper) ran a small feature on the real estate costs in Döbling, Vienna’s 19th district and the one we call home. So what does 23€/m2 get you?

Tree-lined walkways with graceful homes tucked behind gates and tall hedges;

and modern architecture, some of which does not age so gracefully.
Urban harvesting is quite common up here; I would not be surprised if this were not their plum tree.  As a European friend explained to me, “It is fair game if the branch is hanging out of the yard.”  I’ve seen people walking in our neighborhood with small baskets of peaches, walnuts, apples, and plums collected from the “fair game” trees cared for by others.
The Döbling village of Grinzing is everything one would expect to find in Old World Vienna. Cafes, boutiques, a butcher, and the handful of modern conveniences (post office and bank) that contribute to “exclusive living.”

Including a heuriger that’s been around since 1137 and a Buschenschank (a tavern whereby a farmer may only pour and serve its own products.)  This particular tavern is terribly popular with Rick Steves fans, so I do wonder about that “farmer” serving its “own products” bit.

 And speaking of tourists…

While many Viennese are priced out of living in Döbling, the square meters above the district are open to everyone.

Vogelbeeren, a wild cranberry-like berry for the taking that can be turned into a jam or chutney best enjoyed with wild game. So says my neighbor.

We prefer these kinds of berries, not for the taking.

The view across Döbing. Our kind of exclusive living.