Buskers, known commonly as street performers, held a three-day festival this weekend in Karlsplatz. Tony and I endured our share of BuskersFests in our college days, and have wandered through similar festivals in NYC and DC as adults. Given that street performers can sometimes be a little, say, “out there” for the traditional buttoned-up, reserved Viennese, we did not know what to expect.
The approach to Karlplatz was quiet. No chanting, no clapping. No aroma of clove cigarettes. But the nearby skatepark was empty, so it was a good sign that the skateboarders took time away from honing their skills to head to the BuskersFest.
Juggling fire!

 We weren’t sure if this chap was a performer or a visitor. Either way, his coiffure costs must be sky-high.

 Marionettes. This one was puppeting to Frank Sinatra tunes?

 On Stage 3, a jamming ukelele. Not much of a crowd pleaser.

 Intrigued by the sway, we followed along to the next performance…

 …something involving stick-and-gourd instruments and a combination floor dance exercise and I-don’t-know-what.

 Supreme People Watching! Bright Colors and Bubbles!

 See the bag in this dude’s hand? He stashed it in the planter behind him…

 …while he pretended to be Guitar Guy’s #1 Groupie. Wonder what was in the bag…

 Perhaps the most “out there” scene was this uncomfortable twerking-like act by a performer and her doll.

Overall, though, the festival was family-friendly enough for all of God’s children.