Clayton Theodore is a “rescued” Foxhound. We adopted him in 2010 from somewhere near Charlottesville, Virginia (Virginia’s “Hunt Country” and home to many of his peers), and our veterinarian guesstimated his age at between “1 1/2 and 3.”  That would make him around 5 or 6 years old now, and a likely candidate for symptoms of arthritis because he is a large dog.  We know nothing about his life on the lam before he became one of the family, alas.
Our visits to the Tierartz (literally, “Animal Doctor”) in recent weeks confirmed what we suspected. Clayton Theodore has mild arthritis, but nothing thankfully on the order of what afflicts Shepherds and Retrievers. A little anti-inflammatory medicine, a little dietary additive, and he’s back to being our Clayton Theodore Foxhound III. 
Personally, we think he needs a week on the Cape Cod beaches for complete rejuvenation (only where permitted, Shelli! We would never walk Cletus on a dogs-prohibited beach, especially not in the early morning hours. 😉  Until such time, though, I think the arthritis medicine is working.