In the weeks leading up to our move, I communicated often with the Trailing Spouse of one of Tony’s colleagues living in Vienna who patiently answered all my questions, dumb or otherwise. Once we arrived and were settled a little, the two of us Trailing Spouses got together for lunch.  She shared advice that she had received. “The Stayput-er Force is strong here. Appreciate the opportunity; go out and explore.”
I often go out alone. This does not bother me. The majority of my (American) friends are quite content to stay put and be HausFraus; quite a few have been here longer than I and can not be “bothered” to go out and explore even the major tourist sites. This bothers me. It’s horrible American diplomacy. But there is nothing I can do about it. I invite, they decline. 
Today again I went out to explore, all by my lonesome. I donned my rain slicker, tossed my camera into my tote and set off for Neubau, Vienna’s 7th district, for an exhibit on the World’s Best Press Photos 2013 at the Westlicht Gallery. 
I love the older U-Bahn stations; they’re so romantic. This is the Burggasse-Stadthalle station nearest to the gallery (taken with my antique filter).
En route to the gallery I poked my head inside Schottenfelds Kirche (Scottish Fields Church). Although the skies were gray, the interior of the church was light and bright. Just beautiful!

The Westlicht Gallery is tucked into what I think is former warehouse space, down an unassuming but artfully decorated arcade.

There were many categories for the press photos, but the photos in abundance seemed to be linked by sadness. Here, two young girls in El Salvador walk calmly by a “routine” anti-gang raid.

 In Somalia, armed men guard the women who play sports, as they are a target for harassment (and worse).

 This Nigerian woman earns €2 per day sifting through the trash dump for items that can be resold.

This Nigerian woman chose instead to be a roadside sex worker in Italy.

 A 38-year old Dutch professional prostitute.

 An Iranian woman dressed for mourning.

 Burqa-clad women crocheting clothes for dolls in Kandahar.

This Iranian woman told her husband that she wanted a divorce. He poured acid on her and their daughter while they slept. So much sadness.

There is also a permanent collection of vintage cameras and other photographic items of interest at the gallery. This camera is up for auction at the gallery in November should you be interested.

 This KGB Ring Camera does not seem very stealth.

It’s always nice to see something familiar. This camera is of the same series as the one used for the first moon landing!

It will be Cheerios for breakfast tomorrow (no time to bake banana bread!), and the bed linens can wait another day to be laundered (or perhaps two, as the weather looks good for a Stadtwanderweg tomorrow…) so that I have time to appreciate this opportunity.