This morning AIS hosted Munich, Vienna International, and the International Christian School for a cross country exchange on Sophienalpe, at the edge of the 14th district and bordering the Vienna Woods.  We dropped our two runners at the school for warmup and meandered through hill and dale until we reached the start of the race point. At Sophienalpe sits a quiet hotel and restaurant, perfectly suited for an overnight outing, perhaps on your hike to other destinations?

We had a little time before the races began, and so how better to spend it than with a Melange, Apfelstrudel and “Oma’s Milchrahmkuchen” (that also came with warm vanilla sauce!) at the hotel?

As we were the first parents the AIS Coach spotted after the team bus arrived, we were invited to volunteer as route monitors.  I live by the words of Buzz Lightyear, “Procedure is what separates us from the wicked forces of chaos.” and so I was not about to lose a runner in the WienerWald!

The monitor vests, though, did not come in XL for Tony. Good thing I had the flag.

First out of the gate were the MS runners. This particular runner was our favorite.

In between races we gazed at the scenery, and wished we had started a small fire to warm our cold noses and toeses.

Next up were the HS runners. Thankfully the sun had come out and our noses and toeses began to thaw. Run, Jack, run!

And now we are all home with a savory Singapore Beef Curry simmering on the stove, and two freshly showered and tired runners relaxing. A great morning in the Vienna Woods.