Another random collection of observations on living in Austria.

“Tante Fanny” is my grocery market heroine. Fresh prepared doughs (pizza dough! puff pastry! olive oil dough!) for all of my quick flatbread, pizza, and handpie dinner creations. Ich liebe dich, Tante Fanny!
Houses and buildings damaged during WWII bear a plaque reflecting their reconstruction, and the name of the Chancellor under whom the reconstruction occurred.
Places like this 110 year-old Tirolean Gasthaus, tucked inside a palace garden, quietly sit at the ready to serve traditional Austrian fare whenever you’re of the mind.

In some ways, though, Austria and the US are not that different. I spied the Christmas tree displays being set up about two weeks ago at one of the big box home improvement stores. I’m sure Christmas tchotchke and Halloween goodies are vying for space at grocery and variety stores in the US, as well.

The average Viennese household throws away ~$540 of its groceries each year. In the US, the average household wastes ~$1.200 of their groceries. As much as I dislike (ok, I hate) the lack of storage in my European refrigerator, I am grateful that there’s no room for groceries to hide and go to waste.

When a Viennese shopkeeper/doctor/office goes on holiday, a simple “Auf Urlaub” sign taped to the door is all that’s needed to inform customers and clients.

Eye-catching mosaics adorn many otherwise dull, drab, and utilitarian social housing buildings…


…and some have fanciful sundials.
Erroneous reporting by both Viennese and British papers that kissing on Vienna’s public transportation would subject the amorous canoodlers to a fine had everyone spun up for a few days here. All is well, I am happy to report. While commuters don’t appreciate loud music from earbuds and stinky takeaway lunches (who can blame them for that, really?), the sanctity of smooching is safe.
Finally, on matters near and dear, the American School recently made official their pets-on-campus policy.  We checked with Clayton Theodore, and while he’s not too keen on attending French I with Anna Grace or IB Biology with Jack, he thinks he can manage “Lunch” just fine.