A friend and I had but two short hours on this novel walking tour through Vienna, swinging 80’s era Polaroid cameras from our necks, but what fun those hours were!  
This is Gabriel, our guide and instant camera expert.
The cameras.
Gabriel took a photo of the two of us in front of the Otto Wagner Pavilion. By coincidence we were similarly dressed and contrasted nicely with the building, so Gabriel asked if he could use the photo for marketing. We dubbed ourselves, “The Polaroid Girls.”
We passed this window advertisement, but thought better than to undress like this Polaroid Girl.
Each cartridge contained only 8 film slides, meaning we had to choose our photos carefully. Our tour took us past many iconic Viennese structures, making the photo decisions difficult. I learned quickly that Polaroid film is best meant for scenes with contrast. 
This was taken with my Canon, and unedited.
And this one, with the Polaroid.
Here the Burgtheater looks a little drab.
Had I waited a moment or so, I would have had the tram in the photo for contrast.
I did snap an old tram photo, though, which our guide really liked because it captured movement.  I think there’s too much red in the frame.
At the end of our tour the three of us compared notes and photos, and rated our personal favorite. This snap of the window of a “secret” restaurant Gabriel showed us was my runner-up.

The blue ribbon goes to this row of seating in the Volksgarten.
I had so much fun on this tour that I think I’ll go again on a blue sky, summer day. Care to join me?