But first. Jane Goodall and her Prom Queen friend hit the AIS neighborhood for candy on Halloween along with hundreds of other trick-or-treaters. I think Halloween is here to stay in Vienna.

While other ghosts and goblins had some old-school fun and Silly String-ed our wine cellar door. And they say the Viennese are reserved?  🙂

A crisp morning at the barn. Die Pferde needed encouragement to shed their blankets for a workout. 

I attempted to understand art without my trusty private group this weekend. I know, when will I learn?  The photo below has been splayed across kiosks throughout the city to promote the Lucian Freud (grandson of Sigmund) exhibit, and a friend stateside sent me an interesting article on the exhibit, so I figured I should at least pop in. 
The relationship between the Freud Family and Austria could be described as complicated. Within a week following the Anschluss Freud’s apartment was searched and his papers burned; he and his wife quickly sought to leave Austria for England, where their son (and grandson Lucian) had settled a few years prior. That Lucian agreed to have his work displayed in Austria, and in Vienna, no less, is of significance. 
Lucian liked to paint the naked human form; in this case the bride and bridegroom displayed across town.
And for whatever reason, his obese assistant (for whom a special sofa was purchased). He also painted his partially nude pregnant wife, as well as his nude lover. Sure.
However. I drew my personal line at the painting of his fully nude, adult daughter. At this point in this exhibit I was pleased that my annual museum pass had allowed me to bypass the line of visitors waiting to see the exhibit, and skipped out to enjoy the relatively empty galleries of the Old Masters.

On Saturday we all took a break from whatever it was we were doing to explore the noble art of falconry in its new exhibit at Neue Burg Palace. A beautifully created exhibit to impress even the non-hunter, we became easily engrossed in learning about the care and training of these birds of prey.

The beautiful Neue Burg Palace, where any display becomes more elegant and engrossing.

The finale of our family outing was a pause at Cafe Landtmann, a preferred coffeehouse of Sigmund Freud (and consequently, overly touristy). While the server who addressed us only in English despite our speaking our best Germ-English, and corrected our son’s mispronunciation was not so warm and inspiring, my Wiener Melange mit Esterhazy Torte chased away the chill of an early November afternoon quite nicely.