Though we are three days into Advent, it is not really too late to catch up on the countdown to Christmas.  Sure, there’s plenty of chocolate and paper calendars to choose from, but why not go for creative?

“Adventskalender für Hunde.” A small chewie for each Sunday in Advent, and a plush Tannenbaum to shred on Christmas Eve. I know a certain Foxhound who is excited about this calendar.

Let your favorite absorbent and yellow and porous sea friend help you count the days! (Curiously, the calendar, purchased in Vienna, is printed in English and Galician, a dialect of northwest Spain. Even more interesting is that it was selling faster than the Kinder calendars. Then again, who doesn’t like Sponge Bob?)

And the one that always makes us chuckle. What better way to count down the days until Jesus’ birth than with a cold one?