And why should I not?  Founded by the son of Polish immigrants to London almost 100 years ago, TESCO is one of the world’s largest retailers. You need something done efficiently, you call in the Poles. I’m happy to support my people.
In America there are Wal-Marts, TESCO’s closest competitor and stores at which I believe I have stopped in twice. Maybe thrice in my life. I’m just not a Wal-Mart person, I guess. The nearest TESCO is but 75 minutes north of Vienna (or 90 minutes, if you miss the turn at Mistelbach and have to backtrack) in Breclav, Czech Republic. Today a kolbasa-seeking compatriot and I set off early across the wintry hoar frost filled landscape, on a mission to procure the savory sausage for our respective holiday meals.
Before long the welcome sign beckoned us into merry and bright aisles filled with more than just what we sought. American Christmas music became our ear worms, and for almost three hours we delighted in the wonder that is TESCO.
“TV Pack” chips with “Full taste” and flavored with the ubiquitous Central European spice, paprika.

Pork rind snacks shaped like bacon.

The good Kaiser seems to have lent his name to a variety of products, from fruit cocktail to olives to tuna and other tinned fish. Interesting marketing decision for a UK-based retailer.

Were we the only ones who thought the logo for this mix of frankfurters and kraut wasn’t exactly compelling one to buy the product?

Tinned ham, jarred frankfurters, and so much processed meat. Oh, my!

Politically-incorrect Ramen, anyone?

For those feeling nostalgic, some rather Communist-era bath tissue could be had for a mere €0,09 per roll.

What would a Central European grocery be without multiple brands of lard?  
Not having occasion to travel to these locations, I decided instead to try a “Taste of London” and to revive my inner karma, or something like that.
I introduced my friend to TUC crackers (and brought a few several home for the children). Her life will never be the same.
And to pair with the crackers, “Polskie Snaki.”  yum, yum.

One item I did not bring home, however. I’ll bet you can’t find these at Wal-Mart.

For the record, we did purchase multiple kilos of kolbasa, along with a couple of rotisserie chickens (and an entire Volvo wagon of other “necessities.”) The ride home was so abundant with the aroma of smoked and roasted meat I am surprised we did not stop to picnic alongside Route 47.