Berlin does not hide from its history. 
Along our street, a residential building noting significant moments of its architectural history.
Outside of the Reichstag, slate tiles for the members of the Reichstag who were eliminated after the Nazis took power. 33 slates, each slate representing 96 members who were murdered.

Near Alexanderplatz in the former East Berlin, a memorial constructed in 1933 to honor all victims of tyranny and war.

Wittenbergplatz, the U-Bahn station nearest our apartment. One of the oldest U-Bahn stations in Berlin.  

The plaque to the right is a memorial that lists the concentration camps to which Jewish people were transported via the Wittenbergplatz station. “The location of secrets we must never forget.”

A section of the Berliner Mauer (Wall) along the River Spree.

A section of the (former) wall near the touristy Checkpoint Charlie, trodden upon by tourist after tourist eager to pose with the fake “checkpoint” guards instead.

Perhaps the most emotional is the Holocaust Memorial near the Brandenburg Gate. Beneath the 19.000 m2 space is a center that contains a list of all known Jewish Holocaust victims. For the ignorant above, however, the blocks are little more than Instagram fodder. Never Forget? They likely Never Knew.