Quite possibly one of our top museum experiences of the holiday, the hours spent at the DDR Museum. More than just exhibits of “Ostalgia,” the museum offered real, and sometimes interactive glimpses into life behind the wall. We all came away more informed, and humbled.
I took the interactive quiz to determine if I could rise in the “Young Pioneer” ranks. Let’s just say my Levis-wearing, smuggled-Nivea-cream-from-friends-in-the-West-self would not have been promoted.
Collective potty training.  Talk amongst yourselves.
After the potty break, time for Panzer Counting!

 “Do you know the Soviet Union?” flashcards. I’ll bet the answers are still correct today.

Not so sure I could rebel on my government-subsidized holiday in this manner, as so many East Germans did. Then again, swimsuit shopping does suck…

Wall or no wall, a universal constant of sorts. Home from work, straight to the kitchen for the working gals.

My kitchen does not have helpful guidelines for floor-scrubbing and ironing. Then again, I do not engage in either of those sports.

 A couple of weeks ago I commented on the socialist-inspired bath tissue at TESCO. Mmmm, hmmm.

 Nearly 40 periodicals were available to the East German reader, all with the same opinion.

As is most often at the foundation of failed socialist empires and regimes, some people were more equal than others. The average East German family saved and waited nearly 16 years for a Trabant while the average Socialist Leader puttered around town in Volvos.

There was much, much more to explore at this museum, but I won’t spoil it for you. You’ll just have to visit and experience it all for yourself.