In a word, exciting! Anna Grace became an expert this week on currywurst, Berlin’s signature street food. (Even I, a certified ketchup hater, had to admit that the marriage of the tomato-y sauce with curry spices, slathered over a grilled bratwurst was top-rate street eats.) And when paired with perfectly crispy fried potatoes and a Berliner Pilsner at a cozy Alt Berliner Wirtshaus, it became a rather civilized street food.

Life must be difficult for the vegetarian in Berlin. (Or, really, anywhere in Central Europe.) Whatever do they eat?  As Anna Grace says, “Millions of innocent plants are murdered every day by vegetarians. Help end the violence. Eat meat.” Wise beyond her years, she is.

Throughout the week the boys enjoyed simple but satisfying plates of Buletten, basically a large seasoned meatball served with a heaping side of potato salad. Lots of meat, lots of potato. Just as they like it.

On one afternoon our tummies were drawn to an Asian restaurant. The boys rated their crispy duck with noodles “Gut geschmeckt,” and Anna Grace and I declared our chicken and pumpkin curry the most savory and spicy and delicious curry we’ve eaten in a restaurant since coming across the pond.

On another afternoon we wandered into a tiny and homey tavern for lunch, wherein I was almost moved to tears by the cabbage roll in bacon sauce. My selfish-self offered no one at the table a taste.

This scene almost moved all of us to tears at lunch in a touristy area. A basket brought to our table. With free condiments!

On New Year’s Day we ventured out for a later brunch/lunch at a most American sports tavern in the Potsdam Arcaden.

So American in style was the restaurant, they offered two “All-You-Can-Eat” nights!

Burgers in a shopping mall sports bar. Doesn’t get more American than that! (For the record, the burgers were really, really, really good.)

All but our final dinner we enjoyed at the apartment. After a day of being in each other’s faces sightseeing we returned to the apartment for our nachmittagspause in the late afternoon, so dinner each evening was whatever could be cobbled together from the grocery store and enjoyed with a movie.  (We do not travel without our AppleTV; this is a peace-keeping system that has worked extremely well for us for years.)

On our last evening in Berlin, though, we tucked into a warm and inviting table at the restaurant in our building. Italian food filled our table (including the grilled sardines that Anna Grace referred to as “French fries with eyes!”), wine filled our glasses, and we toasted our wonderful week.