Last December we perhaps went overboard with the good luck tokens. Pocketbook sized piggies, a stuffed piggy, chimney sweeps and ladybugs–we purchased a few of each. This year we dropped the ball on picking up new good luck tokens, although they were in abundance in Berlin.
Somehow though, last year’s luck is holding over for us. After dropping the children at the bus stop this morning I (stupidly) parked the MomMobile on the street, driving along which can be a full contact sport during the morning commute. I don’t need to go into why I hate my garage space; plus, I had some vehicle-necessary errands to run after Clayton Theodore and I hiked the vineyards this morning.
Darn it all. MomMobile was injured. But (and I would not have expected otherwise), there was a note left on my windscreen from the offending vehicle’s driver. The damage is minimal, most thankfully; and “Franz” and I had a pleasant conversation about the particulars. Thank you, Lucky Pocketbook Piggy 2013.
We are housing student athletes this weekend, so that means I need lots of food. Off in the slightly-dented car I went. First, though, a brief skim through one of my favorite second-hand stores (I had my eye on an antique sideboard before Christmas that was, alas, sold, though I did come away with Soviet-era Ukrainian salad plates, so all was not lost.) Then I could put the misery off no longer: time for the grocery store.
Vienna has been closed for the previous two days (Sunday and Three Kings Day), so you can imagine the frenzy awaiting me at Spar (grocery store). But! There was no frenzy. Shelves were stocked, and customers were moving about in an orderly manner.  “Must be the lucky pocketbook pig,” I thought.
Spar just began another “Stickermania” promotion, wherein customers receive a packet of animal stickers for each €10 of groceries purchased. This is a photo from the Spar website; a bit misleading, as no one over the age of 12 collects these stickers. 
I received several packets with my purchase and while I was packing my grocery bag a kindly gentleman asked if I would like his packets of stickers, as well.  I replied, “Ja, vielen dank. Für meine Tochter.” (daughter), and he replied (in English), “Ah, you are English. East Coast America?”  For the next couple of minutes we had a rather pleasant exchange. The gentlemen had visited NYC and Boston several times, but not Washington, DC, so by process of elimination he guessed I was from DC.  A delightful exchange, no doubt because of Pocketbook Piggy 2013.
Once home, a promising email awaited me. Our “last” family hurrah when school breaks this summer and before Jack heads off to college was a unanimous vote for a June holiday in the south of France. The family put forth many requirements for the holiday rental (pool, barbecue, fenced garden for Clayton Theodore, near to the lavender fields…) and over the past several weeks we have sent dozens of unsuccessful inquiries for holiday rentals. We’re a little late in the game for Provence rentals in June, so we even expanded our inquiries to include everything from over-the-budget villas to gites with fresh hay.
What do you know? The owners of this ideal three-bedroom (within-budget!) villa with a fully-enclosed garden, private pool, outdoor barbecue and but an “inspiring” ten minute walk to the village and short drive to the lavender fields are “happy to receive our family and our dog.”
I can smell the lavender already.  Lucky Pocketbook Piggy, just hold on for another 358 more days.