Another birthday came and went today. My darling husband forgot said birthday. Again. This lapse makes possibly the tenth time he has forgotten my birthday and it started me thinking,  “If I subtract all the birthdays that Tony has forgotten, would that make me a 30-something?”

The children, naturally, greeted me with “Happy Birthday” and “Joyeux Anniversaire!” (the Tween loves French class) upon waking. Unlike their dear Papa, they know how to use their iPhone calendar. Over breakfast we discussed a celebratory dinner. Dining out is way too cliché; for my birthday, and especially for Mother’s Day, my favorite gift is to be allowed to thoroughly destroy the kitchen while making some elaborate dinner, then allow the family the pleasure of kitchen duty.

It doesn’t take much to destroy my Polly Pocket-sized kitchen here, and with a late afternoon basketball game for the Lady Knights to attend, any dinner destruction needed to be kept to a minimum. The decision: Dragon Rolls, a sushi preparation of tempura shrimp, eel, and avocado. We scratched the eel because, well, I may have turned another year older seeking sushi-grade eel in Vienna and made a couple of other modifications given what ingredients I could and could not procure, but all in all my first attempt at a Dragon Roll was deemed rather respectable in appearance, and overall quite delicious.

Dessert followed with gateau au chocolate and perhaps too many macarons from Paris’ Fauchon (I have friends in the right places), and a bit of sadness thinking about Tony who was eating pizza, for a second night, in Bulgaria with his American colleagues who did not want to try Bulgarian food.

That last part was a fib. I did not feel sad for Tony.