Winter finally arrived this weekend here in Vienna, so I jumped at the opportunity to cozy up with a pot of tea and catch up on some newspapers and other light reading yesterday afternoon.

If it is not obvious from the photos below, Vienna’s Ball Season is in full swing.


These are photos from the protests surrounding the Freedom Party of Austria’s Akademikerball. See, the Freedom Party has pretty much been the shelter for (ex?)Nazis since its inception sometime in the 1950s. They get their place on the Viennese ball calendar right along with the ChimneySweeps and Coffee House Owners, and also somehow managed some pretty nice real estate for their party this weekend, the former Hofburg Imperial Palace. How on earth they were able to host their ball at the Imperial Palace I can not speculate upon. After all, my own country has enough issues to keep my head spinning.

Speaking of U.S. issues. Dear State Department, can you not revoke this woman’s passport? Must she continue to embarrass America on the world stage? One of Austria’s wealthiest, aging playboy kabillionaires, Richard Lugner, has invited none other than Kim Kardashian, and has completed negotiations for her to be a special guest at the Lugner Opera Ball in Vienna. It’s pretty sad when you have to contract out your Ball date. The best part? She has demanded  €250.000 for her visit. I’m willing to guess this is because she probably thinks Austria is that island continent in the South Pacific, so she will need plenty of sunscreen and skimpy beachwear while she is here.

In other news, McDelivery is being tested in a select number of Viennese districts, not including the oh-so-American infiltrated 19th.

I do not see McDelivery becoming a success here in Vienna, because it appears the Austrians are on a health-kick. According to some recent poll, a full 60% of Austrians would like restaurants to be fully non-smoking. That may be the lowest percentage across the E.U., but hey, it’s a start.

Thank goodness the weather looks promising for a day outing tomorrow, or who knows what news I may find myself caught up reading.

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