Armed with my Niederösterreich Card yesterday, I took myself to Krems an der Donau, a picturesque village in the Wachau Valley that warrants a return visit in that magical period of good weather and low tourism. I had the low tourism yesterday; I think, in fact, I may have been the village’s lone tourist.
My primary mission was to visit the Kunsthalle Krems and the Karikatur Museum, as both had exhibitions of interest. In particular, the Kunsthalle promised Eating in Art (who can not get excited about food, right?), and the Karikatur Museum offered Draw for Peace!, an exhibit of mostly political cartoons featuring the dove of peace.
So in I walked first at Kunsthalle Krems. Currently the museum is showing Yoko Ono’s Half-a-Wind: A Retrospective, and that was how my path through the galleries began. Ono’s art has been described as avant-garde and feminist, so I set myself up to not understand any of the art.
What I was also not prepared for was just how awful I found the exhibit. At the start there was a telephone in the center of this maze (photo from the Internet). The title of this piece? “Amaze.” When the telephone rings, answer it.” 
This is a still from “Cut Piece,” a film Ono made wherein she invited members of the audience to come on stage and cut her clothing off. This must be the avant-garde?
About that feminist art?  Three panels titled, “Rape” depicted Ono instructing her photographer to chase pretty women walking down a street and snap photos of them until they ran away. Ono also thoughtfully displayed photos of the doctor who had performed several of her abortions. 
In between the avant-garde and the feminist were little instructions from her book Grapefruit on how to create art. I will share a couple of my favorites:
Drill a hole in canvas and put your 
hand out from behind.
Receive your guests in that position.
Shake hands and converse with hands.

Take the sound of a stone aging.

Fifteen long and miserable galleries later, I unexpectedly found myself at the end of museum. No Eating in Art in sight! I pondered where I had navigated incorrectly as I walked across the street to the Karikatur Museum. The Draw for Peace exhibit was small but well done. (Photos courtesy of the Internet).

After a brief stop for a bite to eat I wandered along the cobblestone streets of Krems. The village is very pretty even on a gray day. There is almost, but not quite, a Tuscan walled-city feel to parts of Krems. We will definitely return.

In the middle of my wanderings I found the Eating in Art exhibit!  The Kunsthalle Krems has three buildings, and the exhibit was in one of them!
Then, disappointment. Some of the art reflected the theme, but too much of it involved molded food (the strawberries, below) or leftover dinner tables secured to the wall.  (Both photos from the Internet.)
I was done. Time to head home.