Or perhaps, A Year in Döbling?, the Viennese sequel to A Year in Provence?  So goes the repair work on our rented house. Peter and Annie may have owned their house, but I can sympathize with their efforts in contracting repairmen.

Before the holidays we noticed that the hot water tank for Jack’s shower was leaking. Our less-than-enthusiastic landlord always seems bored with our repair requests, telling us to “Ask Roman” (the Polish maintenance person who makes fun of me because my lack of much of the Polish language is tragic to him).  So I “Asked Roman” and received no response for a couple of weeks. The Landlord’s offer? “He must be in Poland and can not answer his phone.” Of course.

Fast forward to the new year. Roman arrived at 17:00 at the house on a Monday three weeks ago (his only time to make repairs at our house). He confirms that there is something “Kaput.” No shit. Roman takes a photo with his mobile phone and then is gone.

Late last week Roman texted me with something like “Come to House. Hot Water Fix.” (rough translation). Tonight, Roman and a Young Pole are in our keller, doing whatever they need to do. I hope.

Roman and the Young Pole arrived tonight at 18:30, naturally. Dinner is underway in the kitchen. We have no running water. The stinky Teenage Athlete arrived home from sports practice and is grousing because he can not take a shower. And the violin teacher just arrived for lesson.

Hope the violin teacher doesn’t want his usual cup of tea. If so, he’ll have to “Ask Roman.”

(Photos courtesy of the Internet.)