March 1993. Tony and I moved to Washington, D.C. from the upper midwest shortly before getting hitched. Halfway through our drive the Ohio and Pennsylvania turnpikes (like autobahns, but not even close) closed, leaving us to creep along on the ice-covered mountain roads, finally seeking shelter at a hotel in Fairmont, West Virginia. I am fairly certain I slept standing up.
This beautiful satellite image I thought I’d toss in for fun. This young, married couple was not traveling, but rather, was stuck indoors for a week in January 1996. Jack was born in September 1996. Planning of a different kind. 
August 2005. The four of us set sail aboard the Disney Magic, the happiest floating place on earth. The Mouse made sure we parents stayed happy, too, when the 4-day cruise to the Bahamas turned into a 7-day cruise to Mexico thanks to Hurricane Frances. To this day, still one of our favorite holidays.
February 2007. We got the crazy notion to spend a long Valentine’s weekend in NYC with the children. We flew to LaGuardia and had a truly wonderful weekend, always with an eye on the weather. In the wee hours of our departure morning it became clear we were not flying home, so I crept in my jammies to the hotel lobby (no Internet in the rooms) and booked the last four tickets home on Amtrak. The train got us to DC, but public transportation was not running to the airport. Thankfully, some entrepreneurial young men were offering transportation in their SUVs. While I and the children staked out a clean corner of Union Station to wait, Tony caught a lift to the airport to retrieve our own SUV. After two decades of married bliss Tony will still not disclose just how much that lift cost.
Not far to travel in 2010, just 2.5 miles down the road to the Whole Foods for beer, wine, chips, salsa, organic cheese puffs and other essentials to get us through SNOWMAGGEDON! 

With the wisdom of age and the years of experience in my travel memory book, to where might you think Anna Grace and I will attempt to board a transatlantic flight tomorrow morning? Where else?

The biggest storm to hit since SNOWMAGGEDON! is clobbering DC right now. A kind friend across the pond messaged that Dulles Airport just closed. The forecast for later next week in DC calls for mild temperatures, even reaching 15°C by midweek!  In order to meet the draconian baggage limits imposed on us by Austrian Airlines, I have decided to wear all of my winter clothes and pack some spring wear, prompting a Bibendum reference, which dear friend says I would never match. Of course not, I would wear black.
I am confident ours will be the first plane to land at Dulles on Friday.
Thank you, NOAA and the Internet for the photos.