…the boys took an overnight road trip to Ljubljana, Slovenia. Where is Slovenia, you might wonder? Slovenia, like Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Macedonia and Montenegro were all once part of Yugoslavia, and now it is an independent country that borders Austria to the south. Ljubljana is its capital.

Driving through the Karawanks, a range of the Alps kind of where the Italian and Austrian Alps come together across the northern edge of Slovenia.

Ljubljana is noted for its bridges, apparently. This is Zmajski Most, the Three Dragons Bridge and one of the most photographed spots in Ljubljana.


View overlooking the Ljubljanica River.

Ljubljana Castle and the Old Town at night. The boys pronounced the capital an enjoyable and easily walkable city.

The following day the boys set out for the Celje Castle ruins, which date to the 1300’s. Along the way they spied the pretty Church of St. Cross. Unexpected discoveries on road trips are among our favorite perks of living in Europe.

We have long given up trying to keep track of which kingdom owned this or that castle, and just take simple pleasure in enjoying the ruins and, quite often, the spectacular vistas that come with the ruins.




Emperor Clayton Theodore surveys his kingdom.

Friends in the U.S. inquired as to how Clayton Theodore was getting along in Europe. I think it was fair for me to report that he does not miss the pet-unfriendly culture of the U.S.