Sometimes the best laid (and fully paid for) plans go awry, so having a Plan B at the ready is important. Our planned weekend getaway to Venice turned into a day trip to Praha (the aforementioned Plan B!), with lessons learned. No complaints from me, really. My guy knows how to treat his gal; any excuse to eat and drink in the Czech Republic works for us!
This being our third visit to Prague (and to a city that lands in my top five favorite places in Europe), the abundance of the usual tourist photos won’t extend beyond the following, sorry.
St. Vitus and Prasky Hrad (Prague Castle) as viewed from Karlovy Most (Charles Bridge)
…and looking back toward Stare Mesto (Old Town).
A late afternoon view from the bridge. A little bit Paris, a little bit Budapest. I love Prague.
Bohemian Prague was holding its own Carnevale of sorts, the focus being on eating and drinking more so than on costumes and masks. We’re quite okay with that.
Prager Ham being readied for the festivities. 
While you wait for the ham there are so many offerings to choose from. Brambory (potatoes) four ways, anyone?
Or Czech Kolbasy, perhaps?
On Kampa Island, the Czech Policie kept the festivities lively with violin and accordion music…
…while kolbasy links hanging in the trees swayed with the folk music. Pragers know how to party!
Though it’s not Venice, Prague has its canals, too.
And birds of prey!  How lucky can a gal get!

Oh, and we did have lunch at a charming place off the beaten path. Roast lamb knee, Prager gulasch, and glasses of Bohemian red to help us enjoy Carnevale, Bohemian style.

Later, a walk through the Jewish Quarter.

Then a final stroll through the Old Town, with a pause for cake and coffee before heading home.