The Central and Eastern Europe Schools Association annual conference was held this weekend here in Vienna. Last night the meetings concluded at Palais Ferstel, where Anna Grace had been invited to perform with the AIS high school ensemble during the pre-dinner cocktail reception.
Palais Ferstel was constructed in 1850 to serve as the Austro-Hungarian National Bank. It is noteworthy for its Venetian and Florentine design elements.

Let me pre-empt your curiosity over how much we require her to practice violin. Anna Grace loves playing violin; it is a rare moment when she has to be reminded to practice.

 The palais fountain absent any visitors is also a rare moment.

The French bistro Beaulieu is near to the upper balcony where the students were performing, so Tony and I settled in with coffee and buttery tarts (and a little night music floating down the stairs) while we waited for the reception to close.

Chaperoning our diva is hard work.