No complaints from me for having another picture-perfect spring day at my disposal this week, and a perfect occasion to resume art exploration across Vienna.  Sunshine in my heart, indeed!
Margareten is Vienna’s 5th district and lies to the south of the InnerStadt. Though the district is small in size it is one of the most population-dense parts of the city, home to many of Vienna’s working class as well as having a sizable foreign population. 
Metzleinstaler Hof was Vienna’s first social housing complex, built in 1920 in Margareten to represent a transition from the “selfish,” and had communal areas for baths and laundry.  Though the district was heavily damaged during WWII, the building sustained little damage.
Margareten was also the first district to be cleared following WWII and was thus the first to be rebuilt. The need for housing following the war is evident in the district more so than in others I have visited; the large numbers of high-density buildings created a different feel here. 
Constructing housing over a street is not uncommon here; it’s a good use of space and an opportunity for art. This piece is a “computer mosaic.”
As good fortune would have it courtyards of many of these buildings were open. Unfortunately, too few of them looked as inviting as this one.

This building caught my eye, not for its aesthetics, but for Charly’s Beverage Delivery Service. No need to walk to the local market–Charly will bring the beer right to your door!

There’s always one or two mosaics in each of the districts for which an explanation is not offered, but would be most appreciated.

Interestingly, I discovered more mosaics associated with Eigentumswohnung rather than with social housing in Margareten. This one in particular has a distinctive Daniel Boone/Virginia Hunt Country appeal about it.
Last, my favorite mosaic of the day. I like the touch of whimsy with a rooster in a woodland scene.